01 January 2011

Chiffon cake

This is the chiffon cake I made a couple of weeks ago. The idea to make the cake was spontaneous. I browsed through the internet to find something to bake. I just planned to cook something which is simple and the most important thing is that ingredients that are needed to make the cake are in the kitchen's house. So I browsed and browsed until I stop at Mat Gebu's blog. After looking at the demonstration of how the chiffon cake is cooked, I then decided to give it a try.

In the middle of preparing the ingredients, I didn't realise that there was no pandan paste in the kitchen. I quickly ran to the back of the house to take two pieces of pandan leaves. I mixed water and blended the leaves, using my hunches of how much it would be sufficient to replace the pandan paste in the actual recipe. Also, I realised that I didn't have custard flour. It is used to make the chiffon's filling. But I guess it would be okay. Due to this, I omitted the filling. Mixing here and there...stirring right and left, so here's my version of the cake. Actual recipe is in Mat Gebu's blog... take a look it at for bettter procedures of baking the cake.

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