15 April 2012

Maggi Mee Goreng Mamak

a plate of mee goreng mamak

This is the dish I cooked last night. It is simple yet worth cooking since all my kids love it. In fact, they often request me to prepare the dish regardless day or night. Here's the recipe

  1. a packet of maggi mee (also use the flavour in the packet- need to mix it with curry powder)
  2. 1 tbs of curry powder 
  3. oil for frying 
  4. onion and garlic (slice them) 
  5. 1 red chilli (slice) 
  6. 1 egg 
  7. a hand full of bean sprout 
  8. 1/2 half of tomato (slice it)
  9. a hand full of cabbage
** I didn't add salt since there was already a packet of flavour in the maggi mee itself

Cooking Procedures 
  1. Boil the maggi mee- stir it - put aside
  2. In a wok, put oil 
  3. When it is hot, add in #4,
  4. Then, add in maggi mee
  5. Make a hole at the centre. Click this to infer what I mean.
  6. Stir all the ingredients
  7. Add in bean sprout, cabbage n tomato
  8. Turn off the stove
  9. Finally, add in the sliced chilli.
Have it a try!

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