28 February 2013

Hurul 'Ain binti Mohd Fuad

Hurul 'Ain ... only a few days old. She was born on February 4, 2013

My youngest child and she would be the last after four cesaerean cases. Alhamdullillah, Allah helped me through the way having the surgery process although it was quite painful. If I could recall the C-section experience (for the last time)...

I went to Kuantan Medical Centre (KMC) Kuantan at 12pm with all the other children (Haziq, Hadif and Hakim) and of course my husband who drove the car. I was scheduled for cesaerean at 2.30pm. Once I got there, I was told to go to level 2, Wad Melur (if I was not mistaken). There, I was given a cloth to change and a room. The room was not permanent since I booked for a single room not a sharing room. The nurse did some small check-up. She told me she wanted me to put on a urine bag. Since I haven't performed zuhur prayer, she told me she or perhaps some other nurses would be doing it after the surgery. She wanted to take my blood but she couldn't fine the correct area ... thus, this  process was painful. Finally she told me the doctor will be taking care of those two procedures. Despite that, I disguised the way she addressed me - with 'awak'. She could at least addressed me with 'kakak' or 'puan' since she was younger than me. I am sensitive with how people address you because I would address people with 'puan' if it is official.

That was only the starter.. I didn't complain for I knew things had not started yet. Two other nurses then sent me to the operation theatre at almost 3 o'clock. Before sending me to the room, I performed my Zuhur prayer at the surau near the room I was allocated. I pray to Allah asking Him that the operation/ surgery will be smooth (although I had in mind that it would perhaps be a little painful- I couldn't stop thinking about this). Right after that,they took me to the operation theatre.  They told me to lie on a bed with four small tyres on it. Using the bed, I was moved to level 1 i.e to the operation theatre room. There, I was told to sign a few documents. These are the agreement for Bilateral Tubal Ligation/ BTL (ikat peranakan) and cesaerean. They were a little bit chaos because the nurses I mentioned ealier didn't request me to sign the documents. Since the doctor i.e. Dr Suriyati who would handle my case (I referred to her for my medical check-up) was there, she required me to sign the docs. My husband was told to sign the documents also.

After this, I was bought to the actual operation theatre where you can see some machines/ equipment for surgery. I was a little bit panic but my mouth, in silence, keep on remembering God with zikr. The first process started with having anaesthetic procedure. It went okay. Then later, the nurses did something. At this point of time I was not sure what the procedures were since my lower body was covered with a cloth. Later, came Dr. Suriyati, the obstetrics & gynaecology [O & G doctor]. She began the C-section procedure where my baby was taken out through my abdomen. I was still okay when she cut my lower and upper skin's stomach. I could even heard Hurul 'Ain's (my daughter) voice ...alhmadulillah, things went well so far. The came the later procedure to attach/ sew my upper and lower skins. I was told by Dr. Suriyati that both of my skins' parts were badly damaged. I was not surprised for this was the fourth time the same area was cut. This was the stage (the sewing I guess) where I considered painful until the the Anasthesiologist (doktor bius - I saluted him for his politeness and courteous) gave me an injection. I could not bear the pain any longer. Right after he injected me, I felt asleep. God knew what were the next procedures.

After the surgery, it was painful to move ..even to turn my body from left to right. What more to get up from the bed. Through out my stay in KMC, the nurses helped me to move. At least to bath me on the bed). Moreover, Dr. Suriyati told me to do a little movements. This was to ensure that my blood vessels would not be swelling. Alhamdulillah, I tried to walk slowly (moving from the room's door on the right to the room's window on the left) until I managed to get up from bed alone. I was in the hospital for 3 nights. Once I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor gave me pain killers (couldn't remember the name) and with some other pills. With those pills, I was able to move here and there in the house. The pain was still there (even today) but Alhamdulillah I can do my chores (for instance cooking, sweeping [although some people said this was not good], and etc). Together with the pain killers I took Harwany Pati Ikan Haruan (black fish essence of Harwany product). I am recovering... I was very thankful to Allah for my prayers to have a daughter was fulfilled. I am determine to ensure that all my children will be soleh and solehah for they are the amanah from Him. Amiin

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